The many benefits of the beetroot.

The many benefits of the beetroot.

Beetroot is one of my favorite vegetables. Not just because of its nutritional values but also for its versatile nature. As a vegetarian i use beetroot for a variety of dishes. In fact i like beetroot a whole lot better then soy when it comes to preparing meat replacements. Not only is it a whole lot healthier than soy it also adds a crunchy texture to the item. Here is my recipe for Beetroot Based Vegan Burger. Lets take a look at the many beetroot benefits.

Beetroot is primarily what the name suggests. A Root ! Its a completely dominating vegetable. There is not way to hide the presence of beet in a dish. It’s pink hue simply takes over the dish. This is owing to the presence of a compound called Betanin. This compound is often used to make food coloring.I also use it to enhance the color of my home made Red wine.

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Beetroot Benefits – Health

1- Great with detoxification. Beetroot is a great vegetable that detoxifies the blood and our system. It does it by accumulating all the toxins into our colon from where they are evacuated.

2- Beetroot is filling in very unique ways. It has the highest amount of sugar among all vegetables. However, it very low on calories and extremely high on fiber. Thus it can give you tons of energy to burn and a filling meal without you putting on any unwanted calories. Magical is it not ?!

3- Beetroot is a great source of nitric acid. This helps us relax our blood cells and facilitates blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Thus its very good for heart health.

4- As per some studies it has shown properties of enhancing production of Red Blood Cells. This naturally leads to our ability to hold and use more oxygen. This is a blessing for athletes and other people who use their body in the day to day activities.

5- While many diabetic patients may hesitate to to consume beetroot since it is rich in Sugar. However nothing could be further from the actual truth. The sugar in Beet is body friendly and coupled with other compounds in the veggie this is actually a boon for diabetic patients.

6- The colored pigment in beet has anti-oxidation properties. It helps modify free radicals which are the primary cases of our ailments and eventual aging.

7- Its great for haircare. It works like a charm against itchy skin and allergies and dandruff. Just get some beet juice and add with other home made remedies like lemon, ginger and apply.

8- Not to forget the leaves. Next time you buy beet from the market. DO NOT throw away the leaves. The leaves of beet are rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin A, K and C. They are Also very helpful in blood clotting.

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Cooking Benefits

1- They are a great replacement for meat in dishes. They work out better than soya. The texture is also soft but crunchy. Perfect for burgers.

2- Beet is best consumed with minimal cooking. As we cook the beet it loses more and more of its nutrition. Its best to consume it raw or make be bake it. Not that cooking makes it worthless. But yes if given a choice you are better off consuming it as raw as possible.

3- Beet juice is very good and popular among gym goers. While this has positives such as quick absorption and minimal loss of nutrition. It does significantly reduce the fiber content in the beetroot. The juice can taste harsh. In that case use some lemon and salt to temper the taste. You can also mix them with other juices to tone it down. Mix fruit juices like orange or pomegranate. If mixing vegetable juices then i would recommend a combination of equal measure of Carrot, Beetroot and Cucumber Juice.


4- Its a very versatile vegetable. Bakes, Grilled, Smoked. Salads, Pickles, Juices,Burgers and pizzas . You can use this beauty in a number of ways.

5- You can use it as a coloring agent. Ever thought what a cake with beetroot will look like. Let me leave it for another day when i will share the recipe with all of you. It will blow your mind away !

6- Beetroot leaves can be cooked pretty much the same way as Spinach. In fact a lot of the spinach recipes can be adapted for beetroot leaves. here is a Palak Paneer Recipe. Try using beetroot leaves instead of Palak and do let us know how it went. In the recipe we have used cottage cheese. If you are vegan replace with Tofu.

7- Let me share with you a recipe for Beetroot Based Vegan Burger. Try and do share your feedback with us.

I hope you enjoyed reading about beetroot benefits and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via the comments section.

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