Read on the the many benefits of Coconut.

Read on the the many benefits of Coconut.

In many parts of the world coconut is called the Tree from heaven. If you are wondering why that is, wait till you read this article. Asia, especially South Asia uses the plant in the most efficient way. Since we are essentially a food based blog i am going to first talk about the ingestable aspects and benefits of the coconut tree.

The fruit has multiple stages Tender Coconut and Mature Coconut.


Lets start with the tender coconut water.

1- Lets get the taste out of the way since its yum !
2- Its an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C and other minerals.
3- It has anti-inflammatory properties and is very good after a hot day in the sun.
4- It serves as an anti-oxidant and studies on Rats have shown, that it bonds with free radicals to ensure they are not that harmful.
5- Its great as a digestive agent. Want to have a healthy digestion ? Drink tender coconut.
6- It maintains the electrolyte balance of your system thus ensuring your pressure is balanced.
7- Its great for kidney health, especially those with Stones.
8- Great for heart health.
9- Its great after an intense workout. It serves as an excellent source of hydration.

Now lets look at the benefits of coconut fruit pulp itself.


1- Coconut Pulp is rich in minerals like manganese and copper which is very good for your body.
2- Its an excellent source of “Good Fat”, which is good for the body.
3- It has properties that help on a variety of health functions like digestion,hearth health,diabetes,kidney health, immunity booster,blood pressure and has a lot of fiber.
4- Its great for those looking to lose weight.
5- Dried coconut meat is used as “Dry Fruit” In cakes and desserts.
5- Grated and dried coconut pulp is used as “Gluten Free Flour”.
6- Coconut pulp can be used to make Coconut milk.
7- Coconut pulp as a source of gravy is an excellent replacement for Tomatoes. Just replace tomato puree with coconut Pulp and some tamarind and see your dish become magical !

Coconut Oilpexelspixabay433626.jpg


1- Its great for usage as cooking oil. Coconut fat has MCTs. They are supposedly great for the energy and Brain Health.
2- Its great for Topical application on Skin and Hair. South India uses coconut oil predominantly to use on the body and hair. The Quality of hair among south Indian women is legendary in India.
3- In the olden days coconut oil was used as mouth wash.
4- It has light Anti-Sunburn properties. It can work as a sun screen in an emergency.
5- It can used to make vegan cheese.


6- Its an excellent base to make various tinctures and products in the cannabis industry.
7 – Coconut Oil fat is apparently good for health. While the jury is still out on that one. But I will go with tradition. People in south of India have been using coconut oil for cooking for over 5000 years and their health index seems to be better than the west.

Now that is just the “Fruit”. What about the Shell, The Husk the Leaves and the Trunk!

It would be way too boring for one article to elaborate on each individual component of the tree so I am just going to cover them quickly for brevity.

1- The Shell can be used for art and craft.
2- The shell can make great organic pot and pans.
3- The side with black dots on the shell can be used for steaming with pressure cookers.
4- The Husk of the fruit is used to make ropes, mats and wall hangings.
5- The Coconut husk is an excellent scrub. Replace that plastic Loofa of yours with an organic free Coconut husk.
6- The leaves are used for making art and craft and baskets, thatched roofs and even toys.

7 – Leaves are also used animal feed in villages.
8 -The Mid-Rib of the leaves are used to make strong brooms and even toys.

9- The trunk is used as wood in construction and art and craft.
10 – The Main Leaf Rib can be used a makeshift Cricket or baseball bat or a good stick.
11 – Lastly as a tree it provides shade and oxygen and looks really good 🙂

Phew! Let me assure you i have probably covered only 50% of the benefits. That too in a very abridged fashion. In South of India where this tree is abundant its called the ” Tree From Heaven”. And I agree with that description. There are probably very few plant species that have so immensely contributed to Humanity.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on benefits of coconut. If you have any thoughts please reach out via the comments section.

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