How to manage your Pimples with a healthy diet.

How to manage your Pimples with a healthy diet.

Today I thought i will cover a topic that is off importance to many of our friends. Acne! Acne can be pimples, whiteheads , blackheads or any unnatural skin bumps on the face, neck or upper body. Pimples on the face are most common form of Acne we go through. In my younger days I went through a very severe case of Acne when I was a teenager and as a young adult. It can be quite traumatic and scarring literally and figuratively. So today i thought let me share how managed to control my Acne. Food for Pimples.

In may case this 10 year saga finally came to an end when i decided to radically change my lifestyle. I had tried all kinds of doctors and treatments. However none of them worked. Finally I met an Ayurvedic doctor who told me to throw away all the pills and just focus on a healthy lifestyle. It took some time but the processes delivered me from Pimples !

Today I thought let me share my experience with others.As far as such ailments are concerned either we ourselves have gone though it or we know someone in our circles who have gone through it.So there is much scope to pass on information and help people. Especially these days when youngsters are more given to rash lifestyles and chemicals.

So while the nature of the diet would depend on the place, the environment, climate and the individual body. So look at this diet plan from a high level and modify to suit your individual needs. There is NO such thing as a global diet plan.

Its very important to understand the reasons for the Acne. The process is very simple. Hormonal activity produces excess oil in the skin. This oil comes out through the pores in the skin. If the process is not smooth and the oil gets mixed with dirt and clogs then naturally it leads to a skin ailment.

Types of Acne

White Heads – When dirt gets clogged in the pores and the hole gets closed.

Black Heads – When dirt gets clogged in the pores but the hole remains open.

Pimples – When the dirt gets clogged and gets stuck beneath the skin and breeds bacteria. The fluid and stuff is the immune system’s reaction to the bacteria.


So i think it should be clear that keeping a clean natural skin plays a huge role in maintaining a clear skin.

Avoid unnecessary make-up. If you just use wash them off as soon as you are home. Keep your face clean. Have a strict regimen. Steeming can also be a very helpful activity. If you are guy and feel that skin regimens are for women. Snap out of it. Become metro sexual ! Clean that face ! Twice a day. Be careful not to use abrasive creams, soaps etc. 🙂

Food for Acne

AVOID any food that can create a spike in Insulin levels in your skin. This increases oil production in the skin and thus more skin problem. Items like Refined Flour, Sugar, Salted Potato Chips, Junk Food, Chocolates, Ice-Creams etc. These items have to be avoided. These kind of items have simple sugars which are very bad.

Now this may disappoint you but if you have a good lifestyle normally you can cheat once in a while to fulfill your craving. That’s how i manage.

The best foods to have for people who want to have good skin health. I have mentioned stuff that i used. You should see what is available in your area. The list is going to very small. Its not the details, its the larger point i would urge you to look for.

sea1958949_1920.jpg[Source](Image by DCChefAnna from Pixabay)

Fish – Omega 3 fatty acids.
Whole grains – Fiber driven Crabs
Fresh vegetables and Fruits. ( Make it point to wash them in warm water. They contain chemicals on the surface from farming and processing )
Items with lots of Anti-Oxidants Iron and Minerals like Zinc
Spinach, Fruits, Tomatoes, Pumpkin Seeds, Brown Rice, Berries with Anti-Oxidants, Peas, Beans and lentils etc.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

apple2788662_1920.jpg [Source](Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay)

**In fact a diet low in simple sugars have shown to reduce Acne dramatically. In fact a study done in Korea showed that a diet low in simple sugars over a period of 10 Weeks have shown to reduce Acne to dramatic levels. The same study when done in the USA took about 12 weeks to show the same kind of results. Personally in my case it took almost four months. But By the end of six months my face was clean! **

Effect of various food items on the body

For instance tomatoes, yoghurt, meat, eggs, beans, pumpkin sour fruits etc DO NOT Work for me. However they are listed as desirable food items to deal with acne. So its very important to learn from articles such as this but MODIFY to suit your own body. Not everybody is the same. When i googled ” Food for pimples” . I got a ton of hits but very few worked for me personally until i started paying attention to my body.

In Ayurveda we have three different kinds of body types , Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A general idea of what is your body type kinda helps in choosing the optimum food. Most of us read articles like this and try and implement directly as is in our lives. That is NOT a good approach. Understand the high level principle and adapt the same to suit your unique needs. That will do the trick 😉

12814474_10154099867766802_3343078814998462752_n.jpgThat’s me now !

I remember my experience where i first tried to take ready made diets and lifestyle choice and implemented them. They were not helpful. But over time i paid attention and learnt. It showed results. My face was clear in 6 months. I was confident, I went out more, I made more new friends, men were checking me out 😉 and life was good !

If this article is helpful i will continue with part 2 in my next post. How to deal with collagen problems. Which is the result of scars pimples leave on your face. How to remove,reduce or manage them.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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