How to create your own UV corner at home.

How to create your own UV  corner at home.

If you are a DIY person and would prefer to solve your family’s sterilization needs on your own, we have got you covered. You can make your own UV Corner for sterilization very easily.

Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a UV sterilizing corner in your house.  You can then simply leave your fruits, vegetables and groceries under the light for a few mins and voila! They are germ free. It’s the easiest way to keep Corona Virus at bay.

However, the search for the UV tech need not be difficult, its actually quite easy to set up.  All you to have do is to set up an UVC tube light as an under-panel light in the kitchen or any other corner of the house. Simply set it up over a slab. And the corner can serve as your sanitization corner. However, one must be careful not to confuse it with party UV lights. The light needs to be in the 200-280 nm bandwidth. They are germicide UVC lights. They can be easily ordered online. You can buy the light from the link below.

UV Corner Tubelight

UV Corner

See Price

Simply install it as an under panel in the kitchen. Get a ready made frame that fits the setup. Then all you need is a switch ! Put it on and keep veggies and groceries under the light and switch off in a few minutes. This will go a long long way in ensuring that you keep Corona Virus at bay! And the price for the Tube is really really cheap. Go for it !

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