Why UV sterilizers are very important for your Home.

Why UV sterilizers are very  important for your Home.

The fact that our lives have been changed forever should be amply clear to the most of us by now. The important question going forward now is how do we protect ourselves as we find our way to a new normal? What do we do with items we cannot avoid like cash, vegetables and groceries etc which have a wide reach in terms of human contact?  The best solution to the question ? UV Sterilizers.

UV light in the germicidal range of 200-280 nm is referred to as UV-C. Scientists have found, this simple ultraviolet light kills food-borne pathogens on surfaces of fruits and vegetables. UVC is already heavily used for sterilization in the medical, food and water purification industries. All RO systems in our homes today have a UVC light sterilizing our drinking water.

Since UVC light works only on the surface and does not penetrate the surface we found it to be perfect for sanitizing our groceries, fruits & vegetables. Another little-known fact about UVC rays are that they are known to induce delayed ripening and induce anti-rot properties into fruits and veggies. Now your fresh produce might lasting longer in the refrigerator! The risk of contamination is especially higher for those who may have outsiders coming in to clean or cook for them.

While UVC based consumer, products have started to fill the shelves they have also been vanishing off them pretty quickly. However, below we have curated and reviewed some of the best UV products and form factors out there for you.

Philips UV sterilizer

Philips UV sterilizers

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Philips is the first major company of the blocks to venture into the UVC sterilization market. They have come up with something like looks like a Microwave, which is by the way a good idea since people are already used to using a microwave. You can put your groceries, fruits and veggies into it for a few mins and it will ensure that 99.99% of all pathogens are killed. The 30L capacity will ensure that you can put quite a bit of stuff in the box.

Given the fact that Philips has been making UVC germicidal lights for a long time for the medical and food industry we can safety assume that they know what they are doing. So far the product has got good reviews across various platforms.

Its a Thumbs Up !

Foldable UV box

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This is a powerful form factor. Can be used as a Box and then folded and kept away when you don’t need it. Its perfect for daily household items. Imagine if you had a couple of them and decided these boxes instead of shelves. You could then use them to store kitchen tools or daily items like keys, phones, tablets, wallets in them, use them as needed and put them back in the box.

Switch the box on a couple of times during the day for a few minutes and you have just automated the dis-infection needs of your family !

UV wand


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A UV wand is very useful for those who have to go out on a daily basis . These band shaped UV sterilizers will ensure that you can sterilize almost any surface in a matter of few mins. Hotel rooms, Car steering wheel, cabs, office workstations , door handles, surfaces, tools etc can be quickly sterilized with this wand. It’s small foldable form factor ensures it’s easy to carry in your pocket or handbag.

Your personal wand that you can pull out and it throws out exotic blue light and kills germs ! Science fiction huh ?

Bag UV Sterilizers

UV Sanitizer

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This works just like the UV box above. However it is extremely versatile in the sense that it can be folded and is much-much more portable. Also there is a huge price differential between the box and the bag. For those who don’t want a box and need portability this is a great option.

Carrying it for shopping, on the way back home switch it on and by the time you get home everything is sterilized !

Pouch UV Sterilizers

UV Sanitizer

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A small UV bag for keys, phones, wallet and other portables. This will go a long way in ensuring that your personal belongings do not get contaminated in the process of day to day interaction with the world. 

A must have for those who go out on a daily basis for their jobs or as essential workers.

We hope that more players will innovate and create useful and ergonomic form factors for UVC lights-based sterilization appliances. Even standard home appliances like refrigerators in the future might start coming with in-built UV sterilizers for disinfection. We will be there to watch these kitchen trends and bring them fresh of the pan for you. Watch this space !

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